Oct 2020

What weeds… ?

I’m sure we all understand how easy it is to drive by crop paddocks and admire all the green leaf – what an awesome crop!

But did you notice the weeds… what weeds?

 Just after germination, most plants look similar. Then as they develop they become easier to identify as crop or a weed, normally around 14-21 days.

Its then (or now in most cases) when you need to stop your vehicle and take a walk through your crop.

Yes… and you’ll likely find some of the green leaf is in fact weed! 


YOUR CHOICE – do I control weed or leave it?

The fact is, even a moderate weed population left uncontrolled can reduce crop yield potential by min 20%, to say nothing about forage quality! 

Then consider a season worth of weed seed giving your new pasture a hard time down the track!  “One years seeding, seven years weeding” – Its true!


EARLY WEED CONTROL – its so easy when you know how!

Some crops have the benefit of using pre-emergent herbicide.

But some don’t, and chicory in particular has the odds stacked up against it, but there’s options… provided you’re on time:


So head out with your phone, take a stroll through the crops, send us pictures/videos or even give us a video call and we’ll guide you to a clean high yielding crop you expect.

 Until next time, all the best and keep smiling!

The Smart Team