Case Studies.

Trevor Dawson

Sheenfield & Wakefield Farms

Horsham Downs & Taupiri, Waikato

Farm Sizes:
120 + 165ha

Animal Numbers:
330 + 430

Smart Farmer Since:

Trevor has humbly developed his farming profile over the years, now owning two farms which his two sons manage and are actively growing under Trevors mentoring. 

Smart Forage & Pasture have been honored to spend the last 10 years on this journey with Trevor. Life hasnt always been easy and has thrown some unprecedented challenges at Trevor and his family, but he’s proven that keeping the family close is key to getting through and coming out stronger.

Trevor farms a little differently to most, he has his own “peculiarities” that urge his to try differnt concepts. We have enjoyed working with this style and are making the most of Trevors willingness to improve, grow, and learn.

“Its great to deal with someone like Trevor who holds very similar values to ourselves – a family business that thrives on positive relationships.”

 – Simon Lewis

Check out the video to learn more about Trevor’s farms and his experience with the Smart Team.

“The animals get that much better value out of the grass… production per cow has certainly increased”

— Trevor Dawson