Case Studies.

Graeme Preest

Reevely Farms

Whatawhata, Waikato

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Graeme, having grown up on a family farm, values the importance of quality relationships. As he continues his ongoing fight with cancer, he understands that you actually have to enjoy life.

Smart Forage & Pasture have spent the last 12 years on this journey with Graeme, his wife Jocelyn, and the family. Witnessing their hard working ethic over the years has been somewhat inspirational and has proven to us how important attitude and passion are in life.

Graeme is an inspiration to many, as he continues his fight against cancer. We always look forward to our visits, as he never fails to bring us a few laughs. 

“I always appreciate my time with Graeme, we have a great relationship that allows us to get the work done with a bit of humour on the side.”

 – Simon Lewis

Check out the video to learn more about Graeme’s farm and his experience with the Smart Team.

“It’s a comforting thing, to know somebodys got your back”

— Graeme Preest