Case Studies.

Craig & Yvonne Brownlie

Te Ruanui & Ahimanu Stations

Tiniroto, Gisborne

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Craig Brownlie, Owner and Manager of Te Ruanui and Ahimanu Stations, and an above average Sheep / Beef Farmer, has been interested in growing the best crops he can, and that is why he has chosen to partner with Smart Forage.

Craig figured there was more to know about crops than just buying seed. And like Craig has experienced, growing good crops is only 50% of the process, the other 50% comes from turning the crop into money.


“Craig is a genuine farmer – another one of those at the top of his game, and wanting to extend his lead. He’s always inquiring to know how he can refine what he doing already and looking for new ideas. It’s large minded farmers like Craig that really inspire us at Smart Forage to go that extra mile.”

 – Tim Lewis

Check out the video to hear about Craig story, and his journey with Smart. It hasnt always been smooth sailing… but watch to find out more.

“Better to spend what you actually need to spend, and dont skimp on sprays, fertilisers, groundwork, and rolling – its important to get all that stuff done properly, so you get a good yield, and maximise taking that ground out of pasture and putting it into crop.”

— Craig Brownlie