Jan 2021

Putting the PERMANENT back into PASTURE

When it comes to pastures, we hear one thing all too often… THEY DON’T PERSIST.

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Behind The Scenes

Ever wondered what effort goes into preparing the best seed?
We often get asked about our process... how do we actually add value to pasture seed?

Pastures – What can we change?

In order to understand the levers we can pull to improve pasture persistence, we need to first understand the purpose of what we are doing and why pasture matters so much.

What weeds… ?

I’m sure we all understand how easy it is to drive by crop paddocks and admire all the green leaf – what an awesome crop!
But did you notice the weeds… what weeds?

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“You’re the only company whose agronomist can give me all the advice from the initial analysis, top crop selection, weed and insect control, nutrient programmes, grazing management, and crop rotations. It saves me from having to deal with so many different people.”

— Richard Whitford