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Bevan Parker

Pongaroa Station

 Mahia, Hawkes Bay

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Bevan Parker, Manager of the stunning Pongaroa Station in Mahia, is rightfully proud to be able to add the transformation of this property to his list of successes.

Bevan has got to where he is today through hard work, his ability to continue learning, and an amazing passion for farming. He took up the management job at Pongaroa Station knowing it was going to be challenging, but rewarding, and this is exactly how it is turning out.

Teaming up with Smart Forage to help in transforming Pongaroa Station has been rewarding for all of us. Smart Forage are thankful to Bevan for this opportunity to partner with him on his exciting journey.

“I always love catching up with Bevan, seeing a man so passionate yet so humble. He’s always willing to learn new things, and take on challenging new opportunities.

What makes him successful is his ability to execute the plan, he’s proven the benefits time and time again”

 – Curt Lewis

Check out the video to see Bevan’s full story.

“These guys are Agronomists, they arent fence post or staple salesmen, they’re Agronomists”

— Bevan Parker