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Andrew McGiven

McGiven Ventures

Te Aroha, Waikato

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Andrew, a successful Dairy farmer, is widely respected in the Waikato Dairy industry, having recently been the Chairman of Federated Farmers in that area.

Smart Forage & Pasture are enjoying working along side Andrew as he embraces new concepts on the farm. Andrew considers himself an ‘early adopter’ which we fully encourage, as it opens the mind to opportunities to learn and continuously improve. We believe this has been a huge factor towards Andrews success.

Developing a family farm isn’t always an easy task, and Andrew always manages to impress us with his attitude to keep improving, while keeping an intense interest in the environment. He proves to us that Dairy farming can be enjoyable, sucessful, and environmentally friendly.

“I always enjoy hearing Andrew’s holistic views on the industry. It takes an open mind to stay positive in tough times… theres a good reason why Andrews survived 25 years and still fighting strong”

 – Simon Lewis

Check out the video to learn more about Andrews story.

“I wanted to get back to a simpler, more proven formula”

— Andrew McGiven