Agriplus Limited Returns Policy

1.0  Subject to clauses 1.1 and 1.2, if you are not satisfied with the Products provided by us for any reason, you can return the Products (other than services) to us for credit to your account within 14 days (seed) or 30 days ( Agri Chemical or Liquid Fertiliser) of your taking delivery of the Products.

1.1. Products (other than services) can only be returned to us if:

  1. they are not custom-made (seed that you have ordered to be supplied in a blended, coated or treated form will be deemed to be custom-made unless we agree otherwise)
  2. we are satisfied the condition of the products has not deteriorated; and
  3. you pay for the freight of the product both ways; and
  4. you provide evidence of purchase of the Products from us, to our satisfaction.

1.2. Products sold by Smart Forage & Pasture / Agri Plus as an agent for any other party may not under any circumstances be returned.

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